Management, Leadership, and Professional Development Consultant
Rose Friend Schmitt, Ph. D.
Creating a Professional Development Plan
Conflict Resolution Strategies
How Your Personality Influences Your Communication Style
Crafting Your Professional Development Plan
The Multi-Generational Team
Evaluating Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
Creating SMART Goals
The Millennial and Technology Series: The Millennial Employee*
Effective Change Management Strategies & Best Practices
Organizational Culture: Engaging and Energizing Your Workforce
The Millennial and Technology Series: The Millennial Customer*
Mentoring: Why You Need It - How to Get Started
*The Millennial and Technology Series: The influx of the Millennial Generation into the increasingly globalized, virtual, and digital workforce, presents new challenges to traditional structures. As a result, organizational leaders and team managers need to rethink traditional approaches to organizational strategy, structure, culture, workflow processes, marketing, human resource management, and workforce engagement and management, to name a few areas. This series is divided into two parts.