Effective Change Management Strategies & Best Practices

Happy employees are productive employees. Productive employees drive a successful business. This holds true whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small, family-run establishment. Both large, matrixed global enterprises and small, family-run businesses often view organizational culture as an afterthought, if they even recognize its importance at all.

For those businesses that actually recognize organizational culture, it is many times viewed as static and relegated to a throw-away, filler sentence buried in a mission statement, an employee handbook, or job announcement. Employee engagement ebbs and flows as the company adapts to changes in the business environment. It is important to develop an on-going organizational cultural assessment to measure and improve employee engagement.

This webinar will explore the best practices and strategies for developing a continuous improvement-driven organizational cultural strategy that will result in improvement workforce engagement no matter the size of your organization.

The webinar will begin with an overview of the topic, followed by a presentation of the challenges posed, and concluding with best practice strategies and tools to identify areas for improvement and begin actionable change that will yield measurable results. This results-focused, webinar will provide attendees with the knowledge, skillsets, and corresponding toolkit applicable for the topic. The focus of this webinar is linking knowledge with skills and tools - going beyond the theory to provide a best practice toolkit for immediate strategic implementation by the attendee.