Organizational Culture: Engaging and Energizing Your Workforce

Business survival depends upon an organization's ability to prepare, lead, and support internal and external stakeholders during times of change. All organizations must change and adapt to stand the proverbial 'test of time'. The most successful organizations know how to effectively plan for and lead internal and external stakeholders through the change management life cycle. This webinar will explore the strategies and best practices in planning for and leading an effective, actionable, and measurable change management plan.

The webinar will begin with an overview of the topic, followed by a presentation of the challenges posed, and concluding with best practice strategies and tools to identify areas for improvement and begin actionable change that will yield measurable results. This results-focused, webinar will provide attendees with the knowledge, skillsets, and corresponding toolkit applicable for the topic. The focus of this webinar is linking knowledge with skills and tools - going beyond the theory to provide a best practice toolkit for immediate strategic implementation by the attendee.